People, Planet, Profit

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From positive thinking to positive impact

Our consulting services will help your business become more sustainable without slowing down its operations.

You will:

  • reduce your business environmental impact

  • Optimize your societal impact 

  • Develop a communication strategy

For more profitability, more attractivity and more competitiveness.


Our Services



To know where you are starting from on the three pillars of corporate sustainability

(People, Planet, Profit)

Fund-raising activities


For public & private public funding,

We help you make your message clear, find the right tone of voice to interact with your targeted audience.


Within the last  15 years,

our success rate is 66%

CSR consulting


To help you integrate CSR into your corporate DNA, implement the change, monitor & evaluate  and engage your stakeholders

Communication consulting


To develop your corporate identity around your CSR strategy, orchestra the engagement of your ecosystem & strengthen your brand.

Scientific Consulting


We help you capture your innovation and turn it into real business proposition.


We identify new sustainable trends.

We help you solve your scientific challenges.

We work from mad discovery to commercialisation.

Workshops  &  Training


We do workshops & training on the three pillars of sustainable development (People, Planet, Profit).


Our industries

Lab Experiments


Agrochemicals, Pesticides


Industrial, Speciality, Fine, Inorganic chemicals, etc.

Menswear Shop

Consumer products

Textile & Apparel

Food & Beverages


Detergents, etc.

Image by Zbynek Burival


Clean energy


Bio-oil, etc.

Image by National Cancer Institute


Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals

(Over the Counter) Medicines

Consumer health care

Medical devices

Biotechnology, etc.

see ball grass



High-tech materials

Nanomaterials, etc.


Waste valorisation

Waste recycling

Waste valorisation

Reduction of carbon footprint

Circular Economy etc.