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Trianon Scientific Communication

CSR training for leaders

CSR Taining for leaders_Trianon Sci Com

This training will allow you to:

Take charge of your CSR mission as a leader

Be able to explain what CSR is and how it is linked to global issues

Understand the links between environmental (planet), social (people),economic (profit) sustainability and sustainable leadership

Know how to use methodologies to formalize a CSR strategy

Grasp the keys to implement a CSR strategy and to enhance it

Build a network of peers

4 days training

CSR strategy_Trianon Sci Com

Day 1

Understanding CSR

planet_Trianon Sci Com

Day 2

Environmental sustainability

people_Trianon Sci Com

Day 3

Social sustainability (DEI, intersectionality...)

Leadership_Trianon Sci Com

Day 4

Sustainable Leadership



9AM - 5PM

Day 2: November 14th, 2023

Environmental sustainability

9AM - 5PM

Day 3: November 27th, 2023
Social sustainability

9AM - 5PM

Day 4: December 12th, 2023
Sustainable leadership

9AM - 5PM

Day 1: November 9th, 2023

Understanding CSR

One Day


- Included coffee, tea

- Included lunch
- Included learning materials

Four Days

€3000/4 days

- Included coffee, tea

- Included lunch
- Included learning materials

- Included one networking event

We have other training services that we design specifically for your organisations

01. Environmental sustainability executive trainings

We're your trusted CSR and sustainability strategy experts, providing tailor-made executive trainings for environmental sustainability. Discover how we can empower your organization for a greener future.

02. Social sustainability executive (DEI) trainings

Our management consulting firm specializes in CSR and sustainability strategy, offering bespoke executive training programs for social sustainability. Let's shape a greener, more responsible future together, and understand the link between environmental, social and economic sustainability.

03. Corporate events  & team building activities

We craft personalized corporate events and team-building activities to align with your organization's unique goals. Ready to make a positive impact?

04. Inspirational talks

Unlock the power of purpose-driven business with our tailored CSR solutions and inspirational talks. Discover how we can help your organization make a positive impact  while achieving your business goals.

CSR training for leaders

Why is it needed?

In SMEs, the number of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) management jobs is rising, and CSR teams within major organizations are continuously growing.

These drivers at the service of sustainability in business require diverse backgrounds and skills, they need to acquire a solid general knowledge of CSR and to master the methodological resources at their disposal to design, formalize, and implement a CSR strategy.

If this is you, we propose a strategic course with concrete and practical business cases and examples from our 20 years of experience.

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