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Sometimes it seems that everything is already lost. The planet is dying… being socially responsible towards your employees, your stakeholders, the society, is overrated

(or so people would have you believe)…

And these two aspects always seem diametrically opposed to performance and profitability!

Sustainable leadership is when leaders manage companies with environmental and societal development goals in mind. … It’s all about leading in a way that benefits societies and the environment, while (and that’s crucial!) maintaining financial performance.

Because we believe in being sustainable, responsible, and making money, we wanted to highlight leaders who (like ourselves) work everyday to make it happen, and, more importantly, to put the record straight…


Talking about sustainability should not be as depressing as we sometimes see it in the media.
It is an occasion for change, an opportunity for innovation at the three pillars: people, planet & profit.

Sustainability! What else?

Episode 6 -Ilse Noppen (True North Consulting)


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Episode 3 -Vivian Acquah (Viva la Vive)


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Episode 4 -Khady Gaye (United Airlines)


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Episode 5 -Nicolas Delebois (L&AD)


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Episode 0 - Who are we (Trianon Scientific Communication)


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Episode 1 - Sophie Boulanger (Okun)


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Episode 2 - Ruben Brave (Entelligence)

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