Want to green your business? Assess your corporate sustainability.

Updated: Apr 10

We've said it before and we'll say it again:

Many SMEs shun the implementation of Sustainable Development and/or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

While these concepts are generally seen in a positive light they are also seen as cumbersome and lacking of any immediate ROI, especially in days like these when most SMEs are fighting for bare survival.

Shun away

However, investing into consultants specialised in sustainable development & CSR can very much be worth the effort.

After having had introductory diagnostics done you will know.

  • What you can (and cannot!) reasonably expect from investing into your corporate sustainability

  • Where you stand

  • How to proceed from where you are

No two businesses are exactly alike and so one method you may have heard people advocate may work in some cases but not necessarily in yours.

Talking to experts will help you avoid most pitfalls and subsequent disappointments ("Bah, I knew it, it's all rubbish!").

Maybe you are already doing many things right without being overly aware of it.

A diagnostics session will clearly identify the areas in which you are fine and those which need some attention.

Turn the results of the diagnostics into strategy.

Again, that's where an expert's opinion will help a lot.

A strategy based on guesswork is bound to produce erroneous results, but a strategy based on a proper evaluation will lead to improvements.

Finally, a quick reminder that the three cardinal points of Sustainable Development are Profit, Planet, and People.

Maybe not necessarily in this order but the inclusion of "Profit" in this cannot be overemphasised:

Sustainable Development leads to profit!

It it wouldn't it would just be simple tree-huggery.

Which it isn't!

Should be interested now in how the experts would gauge the growth your business could experience from going green, give us a call.

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