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Trianon Scientific Communication

Accelerate towards a sustainable business model and become a catalyst for change within your organization.

CSR training for leaders






8 weeks


8 modules

3 hours/week

Tuesday (face to face) or

Thursday (online)





Depending on the participants

Customize your learning journey

With our modular training program choose from 1 to 8 modules tailored to your specific needs and interests, and have a personalized learning experience that fits your schedule and goals

Application deadline

5 working days before the chosen module date


€ 2500 for 8 modules*

€ 350 per module



For whom?

This training program is tailored for professionals aiming to solidify their understanding of sustainable practices and drive change within their organizations:

  1. Consultants 

  2. Executive

  3. Managers & directors

  4. Business owner

  5. Professionals

Why is it essential?

Understanding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is crucial for decision-makers to navigate the complexities of today's business landscape. It not only enhances a company's financial performance (up to 80% more profitability in 3 years) but also contributes positively to society and the environment, aligning business success with ethical responsibility.


Participants will gain insights into CSR fundamentals and learn how to effectively implement sustainable strategies. The program emphasizes the interconnectedness of environmental and social sustainability, providing tools and strategies for long-term growth and success.

The program

Eight modules crafted for learning and collaboration with dedicated experts and professionals in the field of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.

Module 1

What do you really know about climate change?

This interactive session aims to evaluate comprehension levels of the IPCC report and identify areas for further education and action.


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Module 2

Understanding CSR and its Importance

You will review key concepts diving into the intricate dynamics of understanding CSR and its pivotal role in driving business success.


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Module 3

Navigating social washing and green washing

You'll gain invaluable insights into recognizing deceptive practices and distinguishing genuine sustainability efforts.


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Module 4

Transformational Business Strategies 

You will acquire the skills to pinpoint structural leverage points essential for driving business and industry transformation. 


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Module 5

Foundations of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Business

This training is designed to equip participants with the fundamental principles and strategies for integrating DEI practices into organizational frameworks, through an interactive session and case studies.


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Module 6

Linking environmental & social sustainability

Participants will explore strategies to integrate both aspects seamlessly into organizational frameworks, fostering holistic sustainability practices that benefit both society and the environment.


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Module 7

Driving Sustainable Impact

Attendees will gain the skills needed to align business strategies with stakeholder expectations and prioritize sustainability initiatives.


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Module 8

Drafting your CSR strategy

Participants will learn how to create a robust CSR action plan that includes clear, measurable goals aligned with organizational values and stakeholder expectations.


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Meet the trainers

Dr Audrey-Flore Ngomsik

  • LinkedIn

Dr Markus Fanselow

  • LinkedIn

​Customer Reviews

The trainers were incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about sustainability. Their expertise and ability to answer complex questions were impressive

Aaron P.

I walked away with actionable inisghts and strategies that I can directly apply within our company. The training wasn't just theoretical, it offered real-world solutions

Matilda R.

The training provided an excellent platform for networking and exchanging ideas with other professionals passionate about sustainability

Javier R.

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