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Trianon Scientific Communication

Areas of Expertise

We bring our innovative and pragmatic touch to every project, proving that nothing is impossible.

We will accompany you for scientific and social innovations, from ideation to commercialisation, and for change in your business operations.

Tailored services

Monthly sustainability consulting subscriptions

CSR training for leaders

Sustainability Audits

Textile shop



Our management monsulting Firm is Your strategic partner for transformative mustainability molutions. Seamlessly navigate the complex textile landscape while maximizing environmental, social, and economic benefits."

Essential oil drop in a hand



With a deep understanding of eco-friendly practices and market trends, we guide brands towards profitable yet planet-friendly strategies. Our expert guidance, will help you harmonizing beauty and sustainability seamlessly.

Potatoes, oinions, and herbs



Our management consulting firm brings a fresh perspective to the food industry, guiding businesses towards eco-conscious practices. With a specialized focus on sustainability, we drive innovative solutions that enhance environmental stewardship, optimize operations, and cultivate ethical growth.

Hip prothesis


Pharma & Healthcare

As pioneers in sustainability consulting for pharma and healthcare, we guide organizations towards holistic and responsible growth. From eco-friendly processes to ethical healthcare delivery, we pave the way for clients to lead with purpose, integrity, and resilience in an ever-evolving industry.

Food waste


Waste valorisation

With a proven track record of strategic insights and transformative strategies, we guide businesses towards sustainable growth, turning waste into valuable resources for a greener future.

Solar panel



Our management consulting firm specializes in sustainability solutions tailored for the energy sector. We guide businesses towards eco-friendly practices, renewable integration, and operational excellence, driving a greener future. 

A female scientist holds a test tube



Our management consulting firm is specialized in sustainability strategies for chemicals and pesticides. We empower businesses to navigate complex industry challenges while driving positive environmental impact. Partner with us to transform your approach and lead the way towards a greener, more sustainable chemical industry.

Women from diverse ethnity


Diversity Equity Inclusion

Our management consulting firm specializes in fostering a environmental and economic sustainability, thanks to more inherent and acquired diversity within decision makers in your organisation.. With a profound commitment to intersectionality, we craft transformative strategies that drive lasting positive change.

A green sheet is flying out of a boat



Our management consulting firm is your dedicated partner for driving meaningful change. With expertise in sustainability, we collaborate and engage with internal and external stakeholders to create authentic impact, leaving behind the era of greenwashing and social washing, ensure your sustainability claims are accurate, and transparent, create comprehensive and credible sustainability reports, pitches and storytelling, that showcase your commitment to transparency and authentic sustainability efforts.


Food waste

Circular Economy


Onassis Foundation (Athens, GR)

This project is looking into a solution for a more sustainable food system, thanks to circular economy.

European flags

DEI strategy audit

European Policy Centre (Brussels, BE)

The project goals were to highlight the strengths and the points of amelioration of the current DEI strategy and give steps for the future.

A woman is in a wheelchair

A disability inclusive transition to a low carbon economy

European Platform for Rehabilitation (Mulhouse, FRA)

We ensure that efforts to mitigate climate change consider the specific vulnerabilities and experiences of people with disabilities, and that adaptation measures must focus on building resilience and inclusivity for all members of society.


Sustainable cosmetics

KMK aloe vera (Brussels, BEL)

We ensure that their cosmetic brand not only radiates beauty but also embraces a sustainable business model from the raw materials to the distribution.

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