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Trianon Scientific Communication



Boost your profits by up to 80%
in just 3 years
with our game changing
sustainability and CSR strategies

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Our Focus Areas

We work in businesses involved in chemistry in the widest sense, developing the industry's sustainable future and redefining business practices to generate long term success.


Sustainable Consumer Products & Renewable energy

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities faced by businesses in healthcare, textile & apparel, food & beverages, cosmetics, industries and renewable energy. Our expertise empowers companies in these areas to embrace sustainable practices, enhance brand reputation, and drive long-term success, all while making a positive impact on the planet and society. Let's work together to build a more sustainable future for your consumer products business.



At Trianon Scientific Communication, we work with the chemicals industry to promote sustainable practices and reduce their environmental impact. Our focus is on working with the companies that have the highest pollution outputs, including those in the textile, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food, materials, and energy industries. Learn more about our service and help us create a positive impact.


Waste stream valourisation & circular economy

We provide expertise and strategic guidance, conduct waste stream analyses, evaluate technologies and processes, identify market opportunities, and develop tailored sustainability strategies. We also perform cost-benefit analyses, engage stakeholders, and establish performance metrics. Additionally, we help businesses transition to a circular economy model, ultimately reducing their environmental & social impact and unlocking economic benefits.

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CSR strategies_Trianon Sci Com

We create CSR strategies that turn sustainablity into profit for your business.


Make sustainability profitable & profitability sustainable!

Trianon Scientific Communication uses environmental and social (DEIB*) sustainability

as a remedy for economic sustainability.

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*DEIB : Diversity Equity Inclusion Belonging


Sustainable healthcare

Committed to driving change, we provide solutions that seamlessly integrate environmental sustainability into healthcare operations. From reducing carbon footprints to optimizing waste management, our strategies create a greener and cleaner healthcare ecosystem.

Moreover, we champion social sustainability in healthcare, offering consultancy services that promote inclusivity, diversity, and intersectionality. By embracing these crucial aspects, businesses thrive, fostering healthier communities and creating a more sustainable future for everyone. Together, we're redefining the healthcare landscape for a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow.

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What We Provide 

Sustainability diagnostic & assessment

We start by engaging with the highest level of leadership, including the CEO and the board. Using our innovative P³ calculator, we demonstrate the financial impact of implementing more sustainable practices. This tool helps quantify the monetary losses incurred due to a lack of sustainability measures, creating a compelling case for change.

We also make audit of your existing CSR or DEI strategies, to help you make them more impactful.

Inspirational keynotes on CSR & sustainability

We conduct interactive keynote speeches and workshops within your organization. These sessions are designed to raise awareness among employees at all levels, emphasizing the interconnectedness of Environmental, Social, and Economic sustainability with the organization's overall profitability.

Showcase quick wins for more sustainability

To demonstrate the potential benefits of increased social & environmental sustainability, we identify and address a 'quick win' in one of your business operations. By incorporating more environmental or social sustainable parameters, we showcase how positive change can emerge through people-driven initiatives, fostering a sense of purpose and engagement within the company.

Sustainability & CSR Executive training

Through our immersive training, your executives will gain a deep understanding of the principles and practices of sustainability, learning how to align environmental and social goals with your business's core strategies. We focus on fostering a culture of responsible & sustainable leadership, where purpose-driven decision-making and stakeholder engagement become integral to your organizational DNA.

Designing CSR strategy

Whether you are an early adopter, whether your see the opportunity to increase the the attractivity or your products and services, whether you have no choice because you are losing money in your operations, we are your strategic partner in embracing Corporate Social Responsibility (C.S.R.) and sustainable development to unlock the full potential of your business.

Environmental  & social sustainability (DEI) consulting

With a holistic approach, we work hand in hand with you, our clients, to identify and address your specific needs, whether it's reducing environmental impact, enhancing social sustainability (DEI), or investing in scientific or social innovations. By integrating environmental & social sustainable practices into your corporate strategy and business operations, you will have a proactive approach to sustainability, rather than just reacting to compliance and regulations.

Sustainable communication

Our management consulting firm is your dedicated partner for driving meaningful change. We collaborate and engage with internal and external stakeholders to create authentic impact, leaving behind the era of greenwashing and social washing, ensure your sustainability claims are accurate, and transparent, create comprehensive and credible sustainability reports that showcase your commitment to transparency and authentic sustainability efforts.

We also help you create storytelling and pitches that will enhance your business' attractivity.

Monthly Sustainability Consulting Subscriptions 


Stop viewing sustainability as a hurdle -
It is the solution you've been overlooking.

Our blog

Latest Projects

Circular economy_Trianon Sci Com

Circular Economy for a more sustainable food system


Athens (Greece)

DEI in the workplace_Trianon Sci Com

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion audit


Brussels (Belgium)

Disability_Trianon Sci Com

Mulhouse (France)


A disability-inclusive transition to a low carbon economy

Cosmetics_Trianon Sci Com

Sustainable cosmetics


Brussels (Belgium)

"I would like to sincerely thank you for your contribution to this year’s EU Ambassador's Conference.
Your intervention was highly appreciated by participants. Your stimulating ideas and views inspired and contributed to open and frank discussions about the main theme of the Conference, “The new global security environment: What way forward for frontiers of European Diplomacy?”

 - Stefano Sannino
(Secretary general EEAS)

"I had the opportunity to attend several events organised by Trianon Scientific Communication, none of which disappointed. They have a knack of bringing together people from different walks of life, and a way of speaking to and about our different realities.

Her views on sustainability are inclusive and wholesome - taking a multi dimensional approach to the topic, but never unnecessarily judgmental. Without being shamed or judged - your takeaways will always be self reflection, perspective and manageable tips on how you could bring about a change. I strongly recommend their events, they are interactive, insightful and very inspiring!"

- Radhika Singh

(CEO of Indikon)

"I was impressed by your capabilities, knowledge and smart view, ideas and direction.


I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you which allowed me to see business development, client segmentation, client satisfaction, marketing, and business development in the way you drove the committee, (as an expert for the executive board and as chaiperson of the acquisition and branding committee) and impact Obelis as a company and the team.

Thank you for the commitment"

- Gideon Elkayam

(CEO of Obelis Group)

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