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Green skills: The new skills needed in businesses

Updated: May 6

The importance of green skills in businesses

Green skills
Green skills

On this labor day, we would like to talk about #green #skills. To transition to a #lowcarbon and resource-efficient #economy, it is necessary to implement #systemicchanges that will lead to new #products and #services, as well as changes in production processes and business models. This #transition will result in changes in the skills required and the tasks involved in many existing occupations. The development of #greenskills is essential for achieving #sustainabledevelopmentgoals and building a #sustainablefuture. Governments, businesses, and educational institutions have a crucial role to play in promoting green skills development and education. Investing in green skills development can also create new job opportunities and promote #economicgrowth. It can also help to reduce the #environmentalimpact of #economic activities and contribute to mitigating #climatechange. Our CEO has been interviewed by Gaëlle Hoogsteyn, to talk about this. Let's hope that in 2023, #DEI will be considered by businesses as a necessary #greenskills.


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